DDR5 UDIMM 32GB (Dual Pack)

Greater starting speed performance
DDR5 memory is 50% faster than DDR4. AFOX DDR5 memory brings a new generation of XMP 3.0 experience. Meanwhile, it provides higher performance, better bandwidth and lower power consumption than DDR4 memory. AFOX DDR5 memory is a new evolution of PC enthusiasts and gamers.

Improved stability for overclocking
On-die ECC(ODECC) helps maintain data integrity to sustain the ultimate performance while you push the limits.

Increased efficiency
Boosted by double the banks and burst length and two independent 32-bit subchannels, AFOX DDR5’s exceptional handing of data shines with the latest games, programs and demanding applications.

High-level technology
AFOX memory modules have undergone rigorous benchmark testing to ensure that users have good quality and perfect user experience.


1. Extreme racing speed
AFOX focus on creating memory for gaming players and installer enthusiast, manufacturing products with high-speed and various choices.

2. Stable transmission, safe experience
AFOX memory is equipped with high quality circuit board, which can largely reduce transmission impedance and improve transmission integrity.

3.Lifetime warranty and intimate service guarantee your ultimate experience.

Part Number Memory Type Module Type Capacity Frequency Specification
AFLD532D6S2PD DDR5 UDIMM 32GB 5600Mhz AFOX 32GB DDR5 5600Mhz UDIMM Dual Channel Package  (2x16GB), PC5-44800, 
288-Pin, Non-ECC, Un-Buffered, CL45-45-45-90, 1.1V
AFLD532D2S1PD DDR5 UDIMM 32GB 5200Mhz AFOX 32GB DDR5 4800Mhz UDIMM Dual Channel Package (2x16GB), PC5-41600, 
288-Pin, Non-ECC, Un-Buffered, CL42-42-42-83, 1.1V
AFLD532T8S1PD DDR5 UDIMM 32GB 4800Mhz AFOX 32GB DDR5 4800Mhz UDIMM Dual Channel Package (2x16GB), PC5-38400, 
288-Pin, Non-ECC, Un-Buffered, CL40-38-38-77, 1.1V