GeForce GTX750
GeForce GT740 (GDDR5 4GB)
GeForce GT740 (DDR3 4GB)
GeForce GT740 (LP DDR3 4GB)
GeForce GT730 (GDDR5 1GB)
GeForce GT730 LP (4GB 128Bit)
GeForce GT730 LP (4GB 64Bit)
GeForce GTX680 (V2)
GeForce GTX680
GeForce GTX670
GeForce GTX660
GeForce GTX650
GeForce GTX650 Ti
GeForce GT640 (2GB)
GeForce GT640 (1GB)
GeForce GT630 (2GB LP)
GeForce GT630 (1GB LP)
GeForce GT620 (2GB)
GeForce GT620 (1GB)
GeForce GT610 (2GB LP)
● Full HD multimedia entertainment with DX11 and HDMI,AFOX gold-plated output improves data transmission.
GeForce GTX560
AF560-1024D5H2 delivers the performance and power you need to game in full HD 1080p.
GeForce GTX550 Ti
● High quality and durable solid capacitors.
● Flexible cool and silent operations.
GeForce GTX550 Ti (V2)
● Speed up performance top solution for game enthusiasts and overclocking.
GeForce GTX550 Ti (3GB DDR3)
● Super memory world premier bring your PC with amazing performance
Radeon HD 6850 (Single Slot)
Thinner. Lighter. Faster.
Peter I
Peter I pursues high efficient cooling performance achieve even more outstanding security.
Radeon HD 6450 (1 GB)
The most versatile solution for everyday computing.
GeForce G210 (1GB Single Slot)
Less power consumption & more efficient transistor.
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